Demonstration of Stereo Microphone Technique (CD-ROM)

Demonstration of Stereo Microphone Technique (CD-ROM)
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1990 CD-ROM

In response to demand, we're making this album available as a CD-R with black & white photocopy of the booklet. Ugly, but functional!

Hear music via the best stereo miking--on James Boyk's concert albums! Click "Add to Cart" on this page, then "Continue Shopping" on the next. Hear why Boyk's albums garner raves for interpretation as well as sound quality! (Yes, proper stereo matters to solo piano; and the best miking for stereo is also the best for other aspects of the sound, like tone quality and musical attacks.)

World's only such comparison. Lets the listener hear the "imaging" properties of 18 different mikings. A must for every recording engineer and every musician who records.  Hear the wildly different images produced by various mikings! Hear how different types of microphones give different images with the same miking! No music, but important for effects of recording technique on music. Easy-to-understand booklet explains all. Or just sit down and listen, first to the complete spoken introduction on the disc, then to the examples. In 20 minutes, you'll know more than many professional engineers, and it will be real "ear-knowledge," not just talk.  Each miking occupies two tracks. The first identifies it, the second lets you hear it. Use second track only for blind testing! (Three versions of Blumlein miking are included, along with four of coincident cardioids, two of ORTF, two of NOS, two of M-S, two of spaced omni's, and more. All these terms are clearly explained in the booklet.)  Not a computer simulation but a real recording of real mikes on a custom-made acoustic source.  Educational booklet includes Quick-Start Guide and "About Microphones & Stereo," a 2500-word primer by James Boyk written specially for this album. Also has complete transcript of spoken introduction, and graphics of microphone patterns.


The argument stopper.
—Ken Kessler,Hi-Fi News & Record Review
—National Public Radio microphone workshops.
Highly recommended.
—John Eargle, Audio