Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (LP)

Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (LP)
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1991 LP

James Boyk, piano

Mussorgsky. Pictures at an Exhibition

Read the Album Notes.

World's only comparison of (a) pure digital, (b) digital-from-analog, and (c) pure analog recordings, made at the same time from the same microphones; (a) and (b) on the CD, (c) on the LP. The analog master tape was the first tape made on Magnesaurus™.  From the album notes: "Interested listeners may use this double release of LP and CD to investigate some timely questions: Given an analog master tape, which medium preserves its virtues better, LP or CD? (Compare the LP with the analog half of the CD.) Does a CD sound better made from digital or analog master tape? (Compare the two versions on the CD.) And most important, which preserves the emotional impact of the music better, purely analog or purely digital recording? (Compare the LP with the digital half of the CD.)"

This recording is also available on CD.


Unbelievably precise, his musical concept extraordinarily definite. The piano sounds as a piano should. We rank his 'Pictures at an Exhibition' among our reference recordings.
HiFi Magazin (Hungary)
Perhaps the most distinguished interpretation I've heard.... The feeling of "coming close to the vision of the composer" is strongly present. In this live recording in front of a devoted audience, the playing is powerful and full of life, yet with no loss of concentration. ... I just wish that every recording were done in the same way.
Musik & Ljudteknik (Sweden)