20th Century Masters (CD)

20th Century Masters (CD)
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1991 CD

James Boyk, piano

Prokofiev Sixth Piano Sonata, Op.82.
Debussy "Reflections in the Water".
StravinskySonata (1924).
Schoenberg"Six Little Piano Pieces," Op.19.
Ravel Sonatina.

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These recordings are also available on LP:


Boyk plays the very devil out of this [Prokofiev] sonata.... The piano sounds incredibly lifelike.
—Richard Freed, Stereo Review
Boyk's obsession with the purity of the recordings of his concerts has made him an authority on audio equipment. His Prokofiev is prized among audiophiles for being a rare example of a recorded piano sounding like one being played live.
—Wayne Biddle, Discover
Desert-Island Disc
—Ifan Payne, The Absolute Sound
Some of the most realistic and subtly nuanced piano sound I have heard on records in a long time.... The interpretation [of Debussy, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Ravel] is worthy of the extraordinary care that has gone into making this record, and the result is something to cherish.
—Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post
Almost incredible fidelity. . . even more impressive is the integrity of the performance.
—James Wierzbicki, High Fidelity