Tonalities of Emotion (Hybrid SACD/CD)

Tonalities of Emotion (Hybrid SACD/CD)
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2005 Hybrid SACD/CD

James Boyk, piano

Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue, BWV 903.
Chopin: Fantasy-Impromptu, Opus 66
Debussy: Reflets dans l'Eau (Reflections in the Water)
Mozart: Sonata in A minor, K. 310


  This imaginatively programmed and beautifully played recital may be the most realistic recording I know of a piano: truly breathtaking transparency, amazingly truthful dynamics and timbral purity, and an almost spooky replication of space and ambience.
Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound 2011 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide.
FRANCE: James Boyk, genius at once professional musician, professor of music, physicist-acoustician, is known equally as a great perfectionist in recording and sound reproduction. On this SACD, he is on top of his form at the Bösendorfer Impérial in Bach, Chopin, Debussy and Mozart. The recorded sound is very natural.
Jean Hiraga, Editor in Chief, Revue du Son & du Home Cinema.
SWEDEN:  Boyk is no doubt an outstanding pianist endowed with remarkable feeling for the music's innermost emotions.
Thomas Roth, Musik och Ljudteknik.
AUSTRALIA:  Absolutely superb recording of a superb piano (a beautifully tuned Bösendorfer Impérial). The sonic realism was jaw-dropping: it was easy to believe that the piano was right there in my room. A disc that should be in every audiophile's collection for the capture of the piano sound (and used as an object lesson for recording engineers), but it should also be in every music-lover's collection by reason of Boyk's superb interpretation of Bach's Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue which is so perfectly interpreted and played that it brought tears to my eyes and sent a chill down my spine on my first listening. Even now, after months of hearing it, I still listen with a sense of suspended disbelief.
Greg Borrowman, Editor, Hi-Fi and Home Theatre Technology.
USA:  One of the best-sounding piano recordings I have ever heard. Fortunately, the artistic quality fully measures up to the sound.... Boyk is one of those "why have I never heard of this artist before?" discoveries.
James Harrington, American Record Guide, Nov.-Dec., 2007.